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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Marketing

I get it there is certainly not a shortage for platforms to market your business, and that in itself can be very overwhelming. Which platform should you use? What strategy is needed? How does the algorithm work? How much time should I be spending on digital marketing?

Those are just some of the questions that can be swirling through your head at any given moment. So, what I want to help you do in this article is to pump the brakes on that mind tornado and start to look at your marketing from a different light.

What Is And Isn’t Marketing?

Pinterest Marketing

That is the question!

Let’s start with what marketing is. Marketing is the way you connect with your ideal customer in such a way that builds know, like, and trust with them in order to want to purchase from you. Marketing is about understanding what the desired end goal is and making sure everything you are doing is supporting that.

Essentially it is effectively telling the story your ideal customer wants to hear and bringing it directly to where they naturally go. Good marketing makes your customer feel like it is their idea to do business with you. That is when it creates the best customer experience.

So, if that is what marketing is, what is it not?

It would be the direct opposite of that. It would be a lack of genuine connection with your ideal customer and therefore would not be building know, like and trust with them. There would be no understanding of what the overall direction is, so there would be a lack of focus in the messaging.

Marketing is not just trying a bunch of random tactics and hoping one sticks. That leads to a message that is all over the place and you are trying to connect with your ideal customer everywhere but where they are.

Doing an Instagram reel is not a marketing strategy. This isn’t about bumping our ego and getting likes this is about creating an actual strategy that puts you in front of the right people at the right time to create an opportunity.

How Do You Create A Marketing Strategy?

Pinterest Marketing

To start you have to have the foundational knowledge of your business established first. What is the foundational knowledge?

It is having identified:

  • Who your ideal customer is. (This needs to be specific)

  • Creating your core offer around your ideal client

  • Identifying your unique positioning of your offer

Then once you have identified you can then start to bring together a strategy. When you know who you are targeting you can start to understand how to talk to them. What their pain points are, their desires, why they would need your solution and where that person is going to put your marketing efforts there.

This carries into your offer and unique positioning of the offer. You want everything to feel like it is tailored to that person because it is. They should be saying to you “this is exactly what I need!” Because it is and you know it is!

Now it moves into creating the tactics or advertising that needs to take place that is in alignment with the foundational knowledge. Which means if your ideal customer doesn’t like using Facebook much then it wouldn’t be smart to use a lot of your time and money in that direction.

Why Pinterest Should Be Top On Your Marketing List

Pinterest Marketing

Now that we went through a brief background on what marketing is and what it is not, as well as the fundamentals to creating a marketing strategy it will now make more sense why Pinterest should be a priority.

Why not just focus on social media marketing?

There are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t, so let's dive into those. Remember you are in the wedding industry, so you are serving a market that isn’t naturally going to social platforms looking for specific things.

Let’s take that a step further. Social media is disruptive marketing. Meaning you have to disrupt the person scrolling to grab their attention first before having the opportunity to serve them in any way. People don’t go on social media to find things, they go on to lose themselves.

That in itself is a massive issue to overcome and now forces you to possibly adjust your marketing message or do tactics that don’t feel authentic to you just to get attention.

Then the second big negative is social platforms are built around needing constant new content. What was created yesterday is no longer relevant 48 hours later or less. So, you are putting all this time and energy into creating content to just have to do it all over again multiple times a week, and if you stop you will not be seen. Kinda stressful if you ask me.

Which ties into the fact that social content is not searchable. It does nothing to help you be discovered in other ways. So, again your content dies and needs to constantly be fed.

How Is Pinterest Different?

To start, Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a search engine. That is where most get it wrong and don’t understand the power of Pinterest because they try to treat it like a social platform. It is a massive visual search engine that is responsible for search engines like Google, and what they grab for images.

Why is this important? Well if you go back to my point earlier that part of good marketing is going directly to where your ideal customer is at the time they are ready to buy. People are going on Pinterest looking for solutions. When using Pinterest you have to search for what you want to see. Meaning people are looking for specific things aka your business.

Since it is a search engine that means your content on the platform has life to it. A pin you post today can still be found easily two years from now. That is powerful and a much better leverage of the first efforts. This also cuts down your time of content creation in general. Knowing your content has a much longer life to it, it becomes more about creating quality content that people are looking for over volume of content just to get noticed.

It is also a much higher quality of a lead coming from a search engine versus a social platform. You have one that was looking for you and ready to do something versus one that was disrupted and most likely not ready to move forward.

Oh, let’s not forget the biggest reason of them all. Anything wedding related is the most searched topic on Pinterest. So, why would you not want to be tapping into that power?

How To Start Using Pinterest?

Pinterest Marketing

To start, make sure you convert your Pinterest page to a business page to optimize the page. This also allows you to claim your website and link your Pinterest account to your site.

Then look from the lens of a search engine. This requires some research to understand what terms and keywords people are searching. Then it is about creating boards and pins around those keywords. The better you get at that the more you show up in searches.

Of course you also want to optimize your page for SEO. So, if you are a wedding venue in Orlando, Florida you want to make sure you say that in your bio, in your boards, and on your pins. Make it as easy as you can to be found by people looking for wedding venues in Orlando, Florida!

I do want to make clear this is not an overnight success strategy. It takes time to build momentum with any search engine. But, once you do and you will as long as you keep doing it, the traffic keeps compounding for you with the same effort. It keeps building and snowballing overtime.

Which means you can keep being focused on growing your business and serving your customers without fear your marketing isn’t working for you. If you care about building a business that will be around for years to come this is a strategy that allows that.

Want To Blow Your Pinterest Up?

Pinterest Marketing

Then let’s talk! We have a team of experts that have been blowing up Pinterest pages since day one, and we can do the same for you. It just comes down to what matters most to you. You can do it yourself and spend a good year or more getting good at doing this process, or we can work together and hit the ground running right away so you can focus on bringing in more customers and maintaining the quality of your business. Not one way is right or wrong, it just comes down to what you value more.

But if you do want to see what it would look like for us to work together and completely take the marketing off of you, let’s get on a marketing strategy call. We will dive into what you have going on, highlight your roadblocks and lay out action steps for you moving forward.

Whether we work together or not you will leave this call with more clarity than when you got on it, that is our promise to you.

Marketing Application

Your marketing team,

Justin & Lindsay

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