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Top 3 Ways To Market Your Wedding Venue Without Spending Money

There are many strategies when it comes to marketing your wedding venue, but for the purpose of this post we are going to dive into the top 3 ways to market your wedding venue without spending money.

Why did we choose these three?

There certainly are more than three ways to market your wedding venue without money, but we chose these three in particular because they allow for the greatest impact if used correctly! So, we are going to help you do that.

Now before we dive in I do want to get one thing straight. Just because these marketing strategies don’t need money to work does not mean they are easy or come at no cost. Instead of money the fee is your time and there is no such thing as an “easy” marketing strategy. No matter what you do it takes more time than you think, and requires certain skill sets to implement them.

Too many business owners have the wrong perspective when they see strategies to grow your business that don’t require money, and automatically assume those strategies are easier.

Like we already shared it will cost you a lot more time then a paid strategy. BUT, the huge benefit of doing non-paid strategies first is it allows you to prove your business, dial in your offer and gain important feedback that will only help you run more successful paid campaigns down the road. That is why we typically start with non paid marketing strategies for our clients especially if there isn’t already good data to go off of.

What we mean by good data is understanding how to speak to your desired audience, understanding what keywords trigger certain responses, and how many responses do we need to hit for it to result in a tangible action like a booked tour. Without knowing those numbers before getting into paid campaigns will be a quick way to spend all your marketing budget with nothing to show for it.

Now that we are on the same page, let’s dive into the top 3 ways to market your wedding venue without spending money.

1st Non Paid Marketing Channel - Pinterest

When it comes to digital marketing strategies that require no money Pinterest comes in as number one. There is no other platform out there that is coming anywhere close to the organic reach that Pinterest can generate.

Why is that? Because unlike other platforms where you have little control over who sees your content, Pinterest is the opposite. You can make sure you are showing up for searches that are related to your business and the type of person you want to attract.

Being in the wedding Industry if you don’t have a Pinterest you are missing out. It is the top platform for brides to go to and plan their wedding. So, you already know the quality of who is seeing your content is higher.

A few tips with using Pinterest

Since Pinterest operates like a search engine it is important to set up your profile and content correctly. Meaning you should be using images that represent the search terms as well as using the keywords in headlines over your pins, in the pin descriptions, for boards, and in your bio.

You need to make it easy for Pinterest to understand your content and pull it up on related searches.

Focus on steady growth over time with Pinterest. Start with committing to 3-5 pins you create a day along with 10-20 repins to your account. Going faster won’t help you with Pinterest just like you can’t speed up your Google SEO, Pinterest operates the same way.

Pinterest is also a great way to collect information. You can test different images, headlines, and links very easily which allows you to see what triggers the best response. You can then use this information you gained from Pinterest in your other campaigns. Sometimes it's not always about generating a customer, it can be about generating the right information that can be used to lead to more customers.

Want to see our strategy and how we blow up our clients' Pinterest pages? Click here to access our Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

2nd Non Paid Marketing Channel - Join Ventures

Joint ventures would be our number one offline marketing strategy. What is a joint venture? It is basically teaming up with another business or person that is already working with the type of people you want to attract. Then you are also able to provide value for that business based on who you serve. So it is a win-win for everyone.

The huge benefit of doing this is it allows you to tap into an audience that has already been created, andis filled with potential customers. This is a potentially fast way to build momentum in your venue when you pair up with the right business or person.

An example of what this could look like. You can work with a jewelry store, and the jewelry store can use your venue as an incentive for the engagement ring to be purchased with them. With an offer like if you purchase your engagement with us you will also receive a $500 credit at your venue.

This helps both businesses out. It allows the jewelry store to provide a unique offer that others won’t be able to make, allowing them to gain a customer and then your venue now also has a hot lead. They are obviously going to come to your venue before any others since you already gave them a gift.

That is just one of many ways a joint venture can be set up. Be creative with this process!

One more important note on building a joint venture. If you want it to work well go into the relationship talking about how you can help them. Share what you can do for them and then do it. Show them through action you are serious and once they experience what it is like to work with you they will be more than happy to do their part.

3rd Non Paid Marketing Channel - Instagram

Out of the social media specific platforms our top choice would be Instagram. It brings both visual and written content into play which works well for the wedding industry.

But we would not use it the way most use this platform. Most focus way too much on their own content and not enough time on getting in front of your ideal audience aka engaged couples and brides.

Remember one of the drawbacks is you don’t have control over who sees your content on a platform like this. So, just focusing on posting content and thinking it will lead to customers is what we call the post and hope strategy.

You can’t build a consistent lead flow with an approach like that since there is no rhyme or reason when someone decides to reach out.

Instead what you should be focusing on is collaborations. This is a similar approach to the joint venture option just in a digital way. Your goal should be to get your venue associated with as many Instagram accounts as possible that are already building an audience you want or need.

One example of accounts I would target would be photographers. They are usually some of the first vendors the couple will work with since they take their engagement photos, then you know they are local and you are not getting in front of people that live in different states. So, the potential of landing consistent quality leads from an audience like this is super high.

You can do a live video on each other's platforms speaking to engaged couples with some form of incentive for listening. Then you can take it off line by maybe offering the photographer a discounted rate to use your venue for the engagement shoot. What better way to sell a couple on having their wedding there then literally having them experience a taste of what it would be like.

Again that is just one of many ways to make this work, your creativity is the key here. I hope this sparked some intriguing thoughts for you!

In Closing

There are so many powerful ways to grow your venue that don’t require a huge money investment to build traction. Or giving up your marketing power and creativity by joining venue platforms that force you to conform to how they want to present you, making it a super competitive environment.

To us the better strategy is always the road less traveled. Why go where every other venue is going when with some creativity and effort you can open up massive lead channels?

The most important aspect of marketing is having a strategy and sticking to it. This allows you to dial in the process over time to where it runs like a machine.

Need help making this happen?

Like we mentioned before doing these outside the box strategies require more time, which is something you might not have. That is where we can come in so your venue is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your marketing.

We will create, implement, and optimize offline and online marketing strategies for you. This doesn’t have to be a bottleneck for your business anymore. We can free you up so you can stay focused on what you love most and allow us to handle the marketing which is what we love most.

If you are at all frustrated, overwhelmed or looking for ways to take your marketing to the next level it would make sense to have a chat with us. We can go through your current situation, diagnose the current issues and map out the plan moving forward.

The first step to setting up that call is to simply fill out a marketing application. Won’t take you more than 5-6m minutes and just provides us with a little more insight going into our conversation so we keep it as valuable as possible for you.

>>Complete The Venue Marketing Application Here

Your Marketing Team

Justin & Lindsay

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