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Attraction Marketing Versus Disruptive Marketing

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Marketing Strategy

When it comes to effectively marketing your wedding venue it is important to understand the different types of marketing styles, and why different approaches bring different results.

Now there is more than attraction marketing and disruptive marketing, but I want to highlight these two since disruptive is the path most chose and attraction is what we focus on for our venues.

When you have a better understanding of the marketing styles it will also help manage expectations and outcomes. Along with helping you understand where your best efforts are placed. For example you may have more leads coming in from disruptive marketing, but you have a higher booking percentage from attraction marketing. So, it would make more sense to put your time and resources into attraction marketing.

So let’s dive in and break this down to help you market your venue more effectively!

What Is Disruptive Marketing?

Marketing Strategy

To keep it simple it is exactly as it sounds. You are disrupting someone from what they are doing to pull them into what you are offering. Typically social media is the outlet for this style of marketing.

When it comes to social media it is important to understand that people are shown content based on what the algorithm feels that person wants to see. But, the most important aspect of this is that people are not going to social media looking for anything in particular. They are going there to scroll their feed and check things out that look interesting to them at that moment.

Those that engage with your content doesn’t mean that they have any intentions to do anything beyond that. It could just simply mean at that time they found it appealing and gave it a like.

Getting Attention With Disruptive Marketing

marketing Strategy

Now to really utilize these platforms you have to think about content that will captivate someone that isn’t looking for it but would be interested.

So, what does this mean? This means your content has to be making them feel a certain way, educating them, or making them laugh/entertaining them. So, it is important to have your creativity hat on to keep coming up with content that isn’t stale and is doing one of the three triggers I just shared with you.

Gone are the days where you can just slap up some photos and call it a day. No, not even close if you want to compete in the social media realm. Think of how many venues ALL have professional photographers providing photos for them to use on their social media. Great! You have beautiful photos, and so do the 5,000 other venues in your state.

So if this is the path you are going to go you have to put EXTRA effort into the content to make sure it is either invoking a feeling, educating or entertaining. Then keep that up every week!

Pros and Cons of Disruptive Marketing


-It can trigger faster results if you produce excellent content or happen to have your content go viral. So, there is some speed there that can be beneficial.

-It is good to have and manage social media accounts to keep a presence and build trust with your audience.


-Most cases of success with this marketing style can rarely be reproduced. Meaning it was a one hit wonder.

-There is more friction when you have to pull someone into your offer that isn’t looking for you.

-The never ending content machine that leads to burnout trying to keep up with it every week.

-Generally don’t have control over who is seeing your content so it can lead to a lot of time and money going into content that is being seen by people that would never book with you.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Marketing Strategy

Attraction marketing is basically all about bringing people in that are already looking for a venue like yours. You are just focused on showing up where they are already looking and position yourself as the obvious choice for their needs.

It is all about focusing on real customers that are looking to book now or in the near future. Typically the areas you would focus on would be areas where people are going to find you. Like your website, blogging, search engines, Pinterest, Podcasts, and basically any type of medium where THEY are searching for exactly what they want to see.

This leads to a higher quality lead and a much easier booking process since it is a natural progression for the person that wants a venue like yours. There is no pulling their leg to get them to want to book a tour. They book the tour because you are the type of venue they are looking for.

Getting Attention Through Attraction Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Now unlike disruptive marketing where you typically don’t have control of who sees it and what they want to see, you can go directly where they are going.

With that in mind there are some key areas you want to focus on to fully benefit from this approach.

You want to have a well designed website that is focused on getting people to take action. Trust me not all websites are created equal. There is absolutely a difference between just providing information or having a strategic flow that builds trust and helps the person take the next step.

Having a blog! Seems old school but it is such a powerful way to attract the desired person. Someone that comes to your blog is very invested in the particular topic and wants to learn more is someone that knows what they want. Not to mention it is a fantastic way to get someone to spend more time with you. More time equals more trust they build. People buy form businesses they trust.

Search engine optimization. It amazes me how little is focused on this area. You are literally leaving money on the table and missing potential bookings by not showing up in search results. Want to make sure you are picked over your competitors? Then show up when people are searching!

Pinterest marketing. Pinterest marketing goes right along with search engine optimization. Since Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, not to mention Google pulls its images from Pinterest. Oh, and wedding topics are one of the most searched topics on Pinterest. Again, not being there and using it to its full potential is missing so many opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Attraction Marketing


-It generates higher quality leads by focusing on people already wanting to see your venue.

-It is a natural buying experience for the customer, there is nothing salesy about it.

-Once it gets cranking it runs 24/7 and doesn’t rely on you posting constantly.

-It is built on marketing channels you own and have control over.


-It takes more time and skill to set this up properly.

-Can be overwhelming to get started.

-Produces less volume of leads **Because of the quality**

In Closing

If you like the constant grind of disruptive marketing and having to keep coming up with new content that usually requires you to do, then by all means have at it. Just know with going down that path your future is not as predictable relying on platforms that you don’t own knowing they will change.

But, if you are ready to stop running a business that feels like a roller coaster from month to month and like every lead you get is a surprise then attraction marketing is the path for you.

Most venue owners think they can fully handle the marketing and usually think that when things are slow. Then once some bookings come in they pull off the marketing to focus on serving. Which makes sense. The only issue is that now throttles your marketing and once those bookings dry up so does your lead flow sending you back into marketing grind mode.

How about we stop that negative cycle and build a real business with a real marketing strategy that brings predictable results? One that doesn’t rely on you (the owner) to make it work. So you can be fully focused on serving all you couples, being the visionary of the venue, or maybe simply getting away for a few days.

That is what we do.

We build complete marketing strategies in 6 months for wedding venues that run 24/7 and built on platforms that you own. We make sure your business is built on solid footing and can keep growing.

Best thing is we are full service. Meaning we fully manage and produce everything so this frees you up to fully be the owner and guide the ship.

If we are speaking the same language and that sounds like something you are after then lets take the first step by simply applying for our Smart Marketing Program. By applying you are not moving forward with anything. It is just our way to see if you are a good fit and to make sure we have your zip code open as we provide location protection for our venues.

Click below to submit your application today. Once we review it we will be in touch about setting up a call. We think it is important to get to know each other before working together.

Marketing Application

Your marketing team,

Justin & Lindsay

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